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Vista Employment Law Lawyer Doug Walters is dedicated to providing reliable legal counsel and representation to those dealing with employment disputes in San Diego and Southern California.

For well over three decades, Vista Employment Attorney Doug Walters has protected employee rights in cases of sexual harassment, independent contractor matters, wage and overtime matters, employee misclassification, and workplace discrimination. When you need experience, skill, and knowledge on your side, call Attorney Walters to fight for the maximum compensation possible.

For intelligent and reliable legal counsel on employment law disputes, please contact the Law Offices of Douglas F. Walters by calling (858) 623-5655. We offer a no-fee consultation and are prepared to aggressively fight to defend your rights.

Lawyer Douglas Walters is proud to handle every aspect of each case. We ensure that clients are kept current on any case developments, and we return emails and phone calls promptly. Our skilled employment law attorney accepts the majority of employment law cases on contingency.

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Employment Attorney Representation | Vista, California

Employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees for any of the following reasons:

Disability Discrimination Attorney

If an employer refuses to make necessary accommodations for a worker who is physically or mentally disabled, they are in violation of the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Employers are forbidden to discriminate  against a disabled employee, and they are required to make accommodations in the workplace that allow such an employee to perform their job successfully. This includes accommodations such as providing access to a bathroom. Please call Mr. Walters for a detailed case evaluation from an effective disability discrimination lawyer.

Employee Misclassification Lawyer

If an employee is misclassified for the purpose of avoiding the payment of overtime, workers comp insurance, or other benefits, the offending employer may face serious consequences. As a zealous employee misclassification attorney, Mr. Walters fights to protect workers’ rights.

Sexual Harassment Attorney

Any type of unwelcome sexual advance, inappropriate conduct, or suggestive remark may be considered to be sexual harassment. Mr. Walters is a skilled Vista employment lawyer and sexual harassment lawyer who offers strong legal representation to employees who have been sexually harassed at work. At our law firm, we believe no one should be made to suffer this type of degrading treatment.

Wage & Overtime Disputes Lawyer

If your employer is refusing to pay you for every hour worked, or if your pay is below the legal minimum or overtime wage, please call the Law Offices of Douglas F. Walters for counsel from an experienced wage & overtime disputes attorney. We provide representation for all types of pay disputes.

Whistleblower Protection Attorney

When an employee alerts authorities to fraudulent or otherwise illegal activities on the part of an employer, the employee is then legally protected from retaliation. Whistleblower laws disallow actions such as terminating the employee’s position. Vista Employment Attorney Douglas Walters is a knowledgeable whistleblower protection lawyer protecting the rights of employees who have participated in investigations at their place of work or reported their employer’s unlawful actions in some way.

Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Wrongful Termination Attorney Douglas Walters effectively represents individuals who have experienced illegal termination or been laid off. This type of case may include breach of employment contract, employee discrimination, or other unlawful actions. Please contact our Vista employment law attorney today if you have reason to think you may have been let go from your job for illegal and discriminatory reasons

Insurance Law Attorney

Mr. Douglas Walters is a reliable attorney who can be turned to for broker and agent disputes, claim denials, and more. As a respected and effective insurance law lawyer, our Vista Attorney represents individuals involved in a variety of insurance disputes.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Mr. Douglas Walters is also a personal injury attorney offering representation to men and women who have been seriously injured because of the negligence or intentional actions of someone else. Vista Personal Injury Attorney Walters also represents and counsels families who have lost a loved one due to a fatal injury caused by another. Please call our law office to further discuss your injury case.

Contact our Skilled Vista Employment Law Lawyer

Attorney Doug Walters is a dedicated employment lawyer who provides clients with sound legal counsel and representation at every stage of a case. Please contact our office for professional guidance and insight on your specific personal injury or employment matter.

If you are dealing with a situation involving an insurance dispute, unlawful workplace conduct, wrongful death, or catastrophic personal injury, we invite you to complete our online case evaluation form. In the event that you are in need of a knowledgeable employment law lawyer, insurance law attorney, or personal injury lawyer, Mr. Walters will review your case and provide you with a consultation at no charge.

To reach our experienced employment law firm directly, please call (858) 623-5655 to speak with effective and well-respected Employment Attorney Doug Walters. Find out how Mr. Walters’ years of experience and skill can favorably impact your case.


When you are visiting our office from the Vista Civic Center, go northwest on Civic Center Drive. Turn left on Vista Village Drive. Take the 78 West. Take the 5 South. Take the Del Mar Heights Road Exit. Go left at Del Mar Heights Road. Go right on High Bluff Drive. We are at 12626 High Bluff Drive, Ste 330, on the right.

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