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Rancho Bernardo Employment Lawyer Douglas Walters

Rancho Bernardo Employment Attorney Douglas Walters provides sound legal counsel to those in Rancho Bernardo and throughout Southern California. If you are in need of a local San Diego County lawyer for a matter involving workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, wage or overtime disputes, harassment, employee misclassification, personal injury, or an insurance dispute, call Attorney Douglas F. Walters.

Rancho Bernardo Employment Law Lawyer Doug Walters has been fighting for employee rights for over 35 years. If you believe you may have a case or have questions regarding an employment law, insurance law, or personal injury matter, please contact our law firm for a complimentary consultation.

As a skilled Rancho Bernardo Employment Law Attorney, Mr. Walters sees that every case receives the personal attention needed. He returns emails and telephone calls in a timely fashion, and ensures clients are kept abreast of any new case developments.

Rancho Bernardo Employment Lawyer Douglas Walters accepts almost every case on contingency without charging fees until after a favorable outcome has been achieved in behalf of the client.

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Employment Law in Rancho Bernardo, California

As a respected Rancho Bernardo employment law attorney, Mr. Walters offers representation in the full range of employment law practice areas.

Disability Discrimination Lawyer

The law requires employers to accommodate an employee’s disability  if it does not cause undue burden for the company. If an employer refuses to do so, they are in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and we recommend a no-fee consultation with Employment Lawyer Douglas Walters. A knowledgeable disability discrimination attorney, Mr. Walters fights to protect employee rights. If benefits or a promotion are denied or negative actions are implemented due to an employee disability, please call Rancho Bernardo Employment Attorney Walters. At our employment law office, we work to hold employers accountable for unlawful actions.

Workplace Discrimination Attorney

Discrimination in the workplace  is against the law. If you have reason to suspect that you are being illegally discriminated against at work, please call Workplace Discrimination Lawyer Doug Walters. Our firm accepts all types of discrimination cases, including those based on the following:

Sexual Harassment Lawyer

The definition of sexual harassment  includes leering, sexual comments or gestures, promising greater pay or benefits in exchange for sexual favors, threatening retaliation for refusal of a request for sexual favors, distributing sexually explicit material, and other behaviors. If you are being sexually harassed at work or have been in the past, please contact sexual harassment attorney Walters to discuss your case during a free consultation.

Employee Misclassification Attorney

It is illegal for an employer to purposely misclassify a worker  in order to avoid paying their fair wages. Misclassification denies the employee fair pay and benefits. If you believe you are not classified properly at your job, please contact Employee Misclassification Lawyer Douglas Walters for a consultation.

Wage & Overtime Disputes Attorney

Are you involved in a dispute with your employer regarding wages or overtime pay? Our Rancho Bernardo employment attorney provides dependable legal guidance to employees dealing with pay disputes. Employers are required to pay employees for every hour worked. Please contact our wage & overtime disputes lawyer for help with your case.

Wrongful Termination Attorney

If you have been released from your job and believe it was done for an illegal reason, please contact Rancho Bernardo Employment Law Attorney and Wrongful Termination Lawyer Doug Walters. With his many years as a local employment law attorney, Mr. Walters has represented a wide range of wrongful termination cases.

Whistleblower Protection Attorney

If an individual advises authorities of unlawful behavior on the part of their employer, that individual is protected by whistleblower laws.  These laws are designed to prevent retaliatory actions by the employer. As an effective employment law lawyer and whistleblower protection lawyer, Mr. Walters works to prevent termination, loss of benefits, demotions, or other retaliation from taking place after employer wrongdoing has been reported.

Insurance Law Lawyer

Are you in the middle of an insurance dispute? Insurance Law Attorney Walters provides knowledgeable counsel on insurance law matters. Call our office for cases of claims wrongfully denied, insurance agent or broker disputes, and more. We work skillfully towards gaining clients fair compensation under the law.

Personal Injury Attorney

Mr. Walters also provides reliable guidance and representation on personal injury cases. If you or a family member have been through a severe injury that was caused by another individual, please contact Personal Injury Lawyer Douglas Walters to set up a complimentary consultation. We accept wrongful death cases as well.

Consulting with our Rancho Bernardo Employment Lawyer

Please call our office for a no-charge consultation with Employment Law Lawyer Walters if you have experienced discrimination or other injustice at work, suffered an injury, lost a loved one in wrongful death, or are having an insurance dispute. We also provide a case evaluation page that can be filled out and submitted. We will review the details of your legal concerns and then contact you to set up an appointment.

Our employment law firm and Rancho Bernardo Employment Law Lawyer Douglas Walters provide skilled representation to zealously protect the rights of clients in employment, personal injury, and insurance law matters.


If you are driving to our office from Rancho Bernardo Community Council, begin by going east on Rancho Bernardo Road. Turn right at Pomerado Road. Take the 56 West. Use the El Camino Real exit. Then turn right at El Camino Real. Take a left at High Bluff Drive. Make a U-turn and continue to 12626 High Bluff Drive, Ste 330, which will be on the right.

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