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Oceanside Employment Law Lawyer Douglas Walters

Oceanside Employment Law Attorney Douglas Walters provides high quality legal representation to men and women involved in employment disputes in San Diego County and throughout Southern California.

For more than 35 years, Oceanside Employment Lawyer Doug Walters has been dedicated to protecting the rights of employees in matters involving sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, wage and overtime disputes, employee misclassification, and independent contractor disputes. He has the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to secure the maximum compensation in these cases.

When you are in need of intelligent legal representation for any employment law matter, call (858) 623-5655 to reach the Law Office of Employment Attorney Walters and arrange a free consultation.  We will vigorously fight to protect your rights!

Mr. Walters takes pride in handling each step of every case. Our office keeps clients updated on case developments, and returns client communications appropriately and in a timely fashion. We want our clients to understand their rights and obligations under the law. Employment Law Lawyer Walters takes most employment cases on contingency. Our clients do not pay upfront lawyer’s fees unless a favorable settlement/judgment is secured in their case.

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Employment Lawyer Representation | Oceanside, CA

Oceanside Employment Attorney Walters provides experienced representation for clients involved in a wide range of employment cases, including the matters that follow.

Workplace Discrimination Attorney

Employers are forbidden from engaging in discriminatory actions toward employees based upon certain specific criterion, including the following:

Disability Discrimination Lawyer

When an employer denies a mentally or physically disabled worker the necessary accommodations, including access to a restroom, the employer is violating California’s FEHA laws and also the federal ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Employers are prohibited from discriminating against disabled persons and the employer must equip the workplace with the necessary accommodations which allow the disabled worker to successfully perform job duties. Contact Disability Discrimination Attorney Walters for more information.

Employment Misclassification Attorney

If an employer purposely misclassifies workers in order to avoid paying certain benefits, overtime wages, unemployment or Workers Compensation insurance, the employer can face serious legal consequences. Employee Misclassification Lawyer Douglas Walters protects the rights of workers and independent contractors who have had their positions misclassified.

Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Although broadly defined under the law, any unwelcome sexual advance, suggestive remark, or inappropriate conduct at work is considered sexual harassment. As an experienced Oceanside Employment Attorney and Sexual Harassment Attorney, Mr. Walters provides skilled representation to women and men who have been the victim of sexual harassment. We believe nobody should have to suffer this degrading treatment!

Wage Disputes & Overtime Disputes Attorney

If an employer has refused to compensate you for all of the hours you worked, or if the compensation you have been given is not equal to or more than the legally defined minimum wage or overtime wage, contact Wage & Overtime Disputes Lawyer Walters today. We offer skilled representation in all pay dispute cases.

Whistleblower Protection Lawyer

In circumstances where an employee reports the unlawful activities of their employer, the whistleblower employee is protected from termination or retaliation under whistleblower laws. Oceanside Employment Lawyer Doug Walters is a skilled Whistleblower Protection Attorney. He protects the rights of whistleblower clients, including clients who participate in investigations at work.

Wrongful Termination Attorney

As an experienced Oceanside Employment Law Lawyer and Wrongful Termination Lawyer, Mr. Walters vigorously represents clients who have been unlawfully terminated or laid off from work. These cases may involve an employer breaching employment contracts, discriminating against workers, or other actions outside the law. Call today if you believe you have been terminated unlawfully.

Insurance Law Lawyer

Oceanside Attorney Doug Walters is an accomplished Insurance Law Attorney who represents men and women involved in legal disputes with insurance companies. Insurance Law Attorney Walters handles cases involving broker/agent disputes and claim denials.

Personal Injury Attorney

In addition, Mr. Walters provides knowledgeable representation as an Oceanside Personal Injury Lawyer. He zealously represents individuals who have become severely injured due to another’s negligent actions or intentional acts, in addition to individuals who have suffered the loss of a loved one in this way. Contact Personal Injury Lawyer Walters to discuss your personal injury case.

Call a Skilled Oceanside Employment Law Attorney Today

Employment Attorney Walters is dedicated to serving Oceanside clients with high quality legal representation from the beginning of the case all the way through to the end. He will offer experienced insight and guidance at each step.

If your situation includes unlawful conduct in the workplace, an insurance dispute, or a catastrophic or wrongful death personal injury claim, please complete the online Case Evaluation Form. Whether you need the experienced services of a personal injury lawyer, an employment law attorney, or a skilled insurance law lawyer, Oceanside Attorney Douglas Walters will personally review the information and arrange to meet you for a free consultation.

For direct access to our employment law firm, call the Law Office of Doug Walters at (858) 623-5655 and speak to an experienced Employment Lawyer. Discover the many ways our decades of experience will make an impact on your case!

To drive to our office, begin at Oceanside City Hall and head northwest on N. Coast Highway. Make a right on Tony Zeppetella Memorial Highway/CA-76. Get on the 5 South and exit at Del Mar Heights Road. Make a left on Del Mar Heights Road. Turn right at High Bluff Drive. Our law offices are at 12626 High Bluff Drive, Ste 330.

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