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Chula Vista Employment Law Lawyer Douglas Walters

With more than 35 years’ experience, Chula Vista Employment Attorney Doug Walters protects the rights of employees who are engaged in employment disputes against an employer.

The Law Offices of Employment Lawyer Douglas Walters serves clients in Chula Vista and in communities around the San Diego region of California.

If your legal concern pertains to sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, employee misclassification, disability discrimination, whistleblower protection, wrongful termination, or wage and hour violations, call our office today. Chula Vista Employment Lawyer Walters has a deep understanding of state, federal, and local employment law, and he will work diligently to secure the highest compensation possible for the unlawful treatment you have endured.

For knowledgeable legal representation in an employment law dispute, call Employment Law Attorney Walters at 858-623-5655 to arrange for an initial consultation.  We offer this confidential session, at no charge.

Employment Attorney Doug Walters provides high quality legal advice and counsel while he takes care of all aspects of your case. Our skilled employment law firm addresses client communication, including calls and emails, in a timely and appropriate manner. Our clients are updated when case developments occur. Chula Vista Employment Lawyer Walters handles many employment disputes on contingency. Call our office to discuss your legal matters with our experienced employment law lawyer. As our valued client, if your case is taken on contingency, you will not be asked to pay the attorney fees until after a favorable award is achieved in your case.

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Employment Attorney Representation for Chula Vista, CA

As an experienced Chula Vista Employment Law Attorney, Mr. Walters represents individuals in many different kinds of employment-related cases, including the practice areas that follow.

Wrongful Termination Attorney

In most situations, employers can let go of an employee at any time and for any reason because California is an “at-will” employment state. This is only true if no laws were broken during your termination. If your employment contract was breached, or if you were fired because of discrimination, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your suffering. Contact Chula Vista Wrongful Termination Lawyer and Employment Law Lawyer Walters to discuss your situation. He is prepared to provide answers and insight on legal solutions to resolve your wrongful termination case.

Employee Misclassification Lawyer

The law clearly specifies the boundaries between positions classified as exempt, non-exempt, and independent contractor. It is not uncommon for an employer to step outside the law and purposely misclassify a position in order to get around paying overtime and other benefits. If you believe your position is misclassified, schedule a consultation with Employee Misclassification Attorney Walters. You deserve to be paid wages in accordance with the law.

Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

The law prohibits an employer from harassing an employee based on gender, national origin, age, religion, disability, race, or pregnancy status. If an employer has adversely affected your ability to perform your job or if an employer has not given you the same privileges afforded to your co-workers, you may have a workplace discrimination claim. Call Workplace Discrimination Attorney Douglas Walters and schedule your appointment for a consultation. You deserve a workplace that is free of any form of discrimination.

Disability Discrimination Attorney

If an employer has denied benefits, failed to reasonably accommodate your disability, or excluded you from opportunities solely based on your mental or physical disability, you may be able to bring legal action to achieve justice and financial compensation. Chula Vista Employment Law Lawyer and Disability Discrimination Lawyer Doug Walters has three decades of experience in employment law matters.

Sexual Harassment Attorney

The law has a very broad definition of sexual harassment. It can include unwelcome conduct of any kind  that is sexually related. Sexual harassment can come from either a man or a woman, and it can be directed at either men or women. Contact Chula Vista Employment Law Lawyer and Sexual Harassment Lawyer Douglas F. Walters for specific guidance on actions to complete before filing a sexual harassment claim.

Wage and Overtime Disputes Lawyer

Employment Lawyer Doug Walters vigorously fights for the rights of employees when the employer has violated the law, including situations in which the employee was denied the appropriate legal wages  and overtime pay. Federal, state, and local laws clearly define the current wage structure which must be given to each employee for every hour worked. Also, in California, an employer cannot interfere with an employee’s tip in any way. If your employer is not fairly compensating you as the law allows, Wage and Overtime Disputes Attorney Walters may be able to recover compensation on your behalf.

Whistleblower Protection Attorney

When an employee reports the unlawful activities of an employer to a policing authority or regulatory agency, the whistleblower employee is protected by law from employer retaliation. As a skilled Employment Lawyer and Whistleblower Protection Attorney, Mr. Walters stands up for the rights of the employee who has suffered demotion, termination, or if benefits have been denied.

Insurance Law Attorney

Chula Vista Employment Law Attorney Douglas Walters offers legal representation in matters pertaining to insurance law. If your insurance claim has been wrongfully denied, arrange to meet Insurance Law Lawyer Walters to determine if you have a viable legal case against any insurance agent or broker.

Personal Injury Lawyer

In matters involving catastrophic injuries, Personal Injury Attorney Walters provides zealous representation. These personal injury cases involve clients who’ve sustained severe, life-altering injuries due to someone else’s intentional acts or negligent actions. Personal Injury Attorney Walters vigorously fights for clients to receive the compensation they are due from accident injury cases and matters involving wrongful death lawsuits.

Call a Chula Vista Employment Attorney for a Free Consultation

Have you been subjected to harassment, discrimination, unlawful conduct, or other behavior at work which adversely affects your ability to do your job? Has your employer refused to obey the law by not compensating you accurately or in a timely manner for the hours you’ve worked? Or, does your case involve an insurance dispute or personal injury case concerning the death or severe injury of a loved one? Employment Attorney Walters has more than 35 years of experience representing individuals in these matters.

Please submit your information online for review by an experienced employment law attorney and our employment law firm will contact you to arrange for a complimentary consultation.

Contact our office and find out how the skills and knowledge of Chula Vista Employment Lawyer Douglas Walters can help you secure financial compensation for the harms you’ve suffered!

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