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Carlsbad Employment Lawyer Douglas Walters

Carlsbad Employment Attorney Douglas Walters has over 35 years of experience representing individuals in employment law matters throughout the San Diego area of Southern California.

Whether your situation includes workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, the late payment or underpayment of wages, or employee misclassification, Carlsbad Employment Law Attorney Doug F. Walters has the skills and experience necessary to obtain maximum compensation for harms you’ve suffered.

At the Law Offices of Carlsbad Employment Law Lawyer Douglas Walters, we are dedicated to protecting employee’s rights, and will vigorously fight for you! If you are looking for knowledgeable representation in any employment dispute, contact Employment Attorney Walters. Call our employment law firm at (858) 623-5655 and schedule your appointment for your confidential, free consultation.

Carlsbad Employment Lawyer Walters will provide you with high quality counsel and legal representation while handling all aspects of your employment law case. We address client communications in an appropriate, timely manner. In this way, you will be kept up to date and informed about developments in your case. Employment Law Attorney Douglas Walters accepts most employment law matters on contingency. As our client, you will not pay attorney’s fees until a favorable settlement or judgment is obtained on your behalf.

Experienced Employment Law Attorney for Carlsbad, CA

Carlsbad Employment Lawyer Douglas Walters handles many types of employment law cases, including the following.

Age Discrimination Attorney Carlsbad

Men and women over the age of 40 are legally protected from discrimination based on age. Workplace Discrimination Attorney Walters upholds the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, or ADEA, which forbids employers from treating these employees less favorably based on their age.

Disability Discrimination Attorney Carlsbad

As a Disability Discrimination Lawyer, Mr. Walters represents physically or mentally disabled individuals in discrimination matters and in cases where employers fail to provide necessary accommodations, as mandated by California’s FEHA and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Employment Misclassification Attorney Carlsbad

Employee Misclassification Attorney Doug Walters brings legal action in Employment Misclassification matters. Mr. Walters vigorously fights for the rights of salaried employees and independent contractors who have been misclassified. Employers may intentionally misclassify employees to avoid the payment of overtime, employee benefits, unemployment, and other employer-paid expenses.

Gender Discrimination Attorney Carlsbad

Carlsbad Workplace Discrimination Lawyer Walters fights for men and women who have suffered wage discrimination because of their gender. This Gender Discrimination  is prohibited in the Equal Pay Act of 1963.

Marital Status Discrimination Attorney Carlsbad

If an employer has failed to offer employment, denied promotions or benefits, or terminated a worker due to marital status, the employer can be held legally accountable. Workplace Discrimination Attorney Douglas Walters fights for his client’s rights in Marital Status Discrimination cases.

National Origin Discrimination Attorney Carlsbad

Employers cannot discriminate based upon national ancestry or country of familial origin. This National Origin Discrimination is protected by workplace discrimination laws.

Pregnancy Discrimination Attorney Carlsbad

Pregnancy Discrimination is unlawful. Carlsbad Employment Attorney Walters represents clients against this kind of gender discrimination.

Racial Discrimination Attorney Carlsbad

When an employer engages in Racial Discrimination and employees suffer based on race or the color of their skin, Employment Law Lawyer Walters fights vigorously for his clients.

Religious Discrimination Attorney Carlsbad

Religious Discrimination based upon ANY Religious Affiliations or Lack of Religious Affiliation is unlawful.

Sexual Harassment Attorney Carlsbad

Sexual Harassment Attorney Walters represents men and women who have suffered any type of unwelcome sexual advances, obscene conduct, inappropriate contact or suggestive communications in the workplace.

Sexual Orientation Discrimination Attorney Carlsbad

The law prohibits discrimination based upon Sexual Orientation, regardless of whether it is the perceived or actual sexual orientation.

Wage Disputes & Overtime Disputes Lawyer Carlsbad

Wage and Overtime Disputes Attorney Walters provides experienced representation in cases where employers have refused to pay mandated wages and overtime pay.

Whistleblower Protection Attorney Carlsbad

Employees who are terminated or subjected to retaliatory actions because they have reported their employer’s unlawful activities are offered Whistleblower Protection under the law. As a seasoned Whistleblower Protection Lawyer, Mr. Walters represents whistleblowers and individuals who are participating in a workplace investigation by a policing authority.

Wrongful Termination Attorney Carlsbad

A Wrongful Termination occurs when an employer terminates an individual unlawfully due to a lack of cause, breach of employment contract, or discriminatory reasons. Carlsbad Wrongful Termination Lawyer Walters provides representation to individuals who believe they have been wrongfully terminated.

Insurance Law Lawyer Carlsbad

Insurance Law Attorney Douglas Walters provides skilled representation to individuals who are involved in disputes concerning insurance law. These matters include insurance claim denials and disputes against insurance brokers and agents.

Personal Injury Law Lawyer Carlsbad

The Law Offices of Douglas F. Walters offers zealous legal representation in Personal Injury matters. As a Personal Injury Attorney, Mr. Walters serves clients who have sustained catastrophic injuries because of another person’s intentional or negligent acts. Carlsbad Personal Injury Lawyer Walters also provides compassionate, skilled counsel to people who have lost a family member in a fatal accident.

Contact Carlsbad Employment Law Lawyer Walters

Carlsbad Employment Law Attorney Douglas F. Walters is committed to serving clients and guiding each case from beginning to end.

If you’ve suffered unlawful workplace conduct, or if you are involved in any insurance dispute, or if you have sustained a life-changing catastrophic injury due to another person’s intentional or negligent actions, please submit our Carlsbad Lawyer Case Evaluation Form. Whether you are seeking the services of an employment lawyer, a personal injury attorney, or an insurance law lawyer, Mr. Walters personally reviews this information in order to arrange for your free consultation.

For direct assistance, contact our office today by calling (858) 623-5655 and speaking to a leading Carlsbad Employment Attorney. Mr. Walters is an experienced Disability Discrimination Attorney, Employee Misclassification Lawyer, and Sexual Harassment Lawyer. He is a Wage & Overtime Disputes Lawyer, Whistleblower Protection Attorney, and Wrongful Termination Attorney who also has extensive experience in handling any insurance law dispute.

Call our office to discover the ways our experience can make a difference in your case!


To drive to The Law Offices of Douglas Walters, take Carlsbad Village Drive and get on the 5 freeway South. Travel for about 15 miles and exit Del Mar Heights Road. Turn left on Del Mar Heights Road. Turn right on High Bluff Drive. Our office is on the right at 12626 High Bluff Drive, Ste 330.

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